Picture Mating

Acid Free Matting Is Fine for Preserving Family Photos

The holidays have passed and it’s time to figure out what to do with all those digital pictures. Most will be saved on our tablets and computers, but that doesn’t always make for sharing fond memories again and again. When was the last time you looked at last year’s pictures?

The collage of a few photos hanging on the family room wall is an option that many of us still choose. One option is to pick out a few favorites and have them printed and mounted for just that purpose. As you may know from past experience, photos look better in a fine frame with some colorful or neutral matting separating the favorites you have chosen inside the frame. But be careful, if you attempt to do this on your own as there are some options for matting that may not be appropriate for your purposes.

Matting these days is mostly acid-free. That means the paper making up the mating has been neutralized so it won’t break down and “bleed” chemicals to the edges of the pictures or other artwork that is being framed. Regular, non-acid free paper is a wood product and when it breaks down the chemical lignin found in it will turn into hydrochloric acid and leak onto those pictures. So going with acid free is what you will want.

There are other materials available that are much more expensive and some salesperson may advise you to purchase backing and matting made from 100 percent cotton. That is really overkill for photos. That option is used by museums wanting to preserve precious works of art and not necessary for most home matting and framing applications.

The do it yourself aspects of mounting family photos or your children’s diplomas may intrigue you but the professionals at Frames Galore have the knowledge and materials to do the best job possible. Whether it is documents, photos, or your favorite movie poster from the family room; they can make the best choices for you and ensure that these memories will be preserved forever.