Office Framing

Office Art Can Increase Productivity

In 2016, an article in The Guardian discussed the findings of a University of Exeter research team led by Dr. Craig Knight that showed artwork in an office environment had a positive effect on productivity. This information was also later reported on by Forbes Magazine. The study looked at four types of work space environments.

One was the typical office space uncluttered by anything other than what workers needed to do their jobs. The second had some artwork and plants arranged by an outside party. The third was a space where the employees could choose where to place these items. And the fourth that had those items rearranged by others after the employees had chosen where to put them.  The two most productive spaces were the second and the third. The second space saw a fifteen percent increase in work speed and the third space doubled that production.

There have been many large corporations that have taken these results to heart and allowed for the less lean approach in their offices spending a lot on decorating and artwork. The hiring of an interior decorator or art consultant may be a budget item that a small business in Sherman Oaks or Encino may not have allowed for, but the best news is that some artwork that is tasteful and arranged by the employees themselves can achieve the same productivity increase as that more expensive option.

When it comes to art and the influence it has in impressing customers and inspiring employees, there is the finishing touch all art work needs –  decorative framing. Nothing takes away from a nice picture more than a bland frame or worse-no frame at all.

Businesses in the Los Angeles area have turned to Frames Galore for years for those finishing touches. Our selection of frames and matting materials can make any print or canvas stand out. Custom frames with the proper color scheme in the matting are what we offer to any business interested in impressing their visitors and keeping their employees productive.