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Frames Galore has established a reputation for high quality custom picture framing, competitive prices and good old-fashioned service.

In 2010, Frames Galore was purchased by Michael Lara who has been in the framing business for over 20 years. He promises to provide the same quality craftsmanship and service to loyal Frames Galore customers.

He developed the business into one of the top custom framers in the area with a clientele including such celebrities as Dolly Parton, Bonnie Franklin, Tom Arnold, Tawny Little-Welch, Jean Smart, Tom Green, Marty Ingles ,and the Van Pattens.

All picture framing, painting framing and the creation of our framed products is through our own workshops in Los Angeles, where, over the years, we have assembled a team of highly skilled and talented craftsmen whose attention to detail is second to none.

We use the highest quality materials and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and personalized designs.

Frames Galore features a large selection of fabrics and colorful acid-free mats to offer our customers with limitless possibilities.



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Competitive Prices

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Experienced, Expert Advice

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Professional Craftsmanship

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Friendly Customer Support

Nobody knows better than your support team what your customers and visitors want from your business. Nobody hears more complaints, more recommendations, or more “Why can’t your tool/product do X, Y, Z?” Nobody gets more best practice queries, more unsolicited requests for advice.

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Yelp Testimonials


I found Michael on Yelp, and he did not disappoint. I had a couple of large Klimt canvas prints I needed framed and found him more than accommodating. We discussed a couple of options for framing style and a number of framing materials in each style. Eventually I settled on material from his “discount” framing selection, 35% less because he had bought this particular framing en masse. The splash of red in the antiqued gilded dark wood frame picked up the reds and gold of the Woman in Gold (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer) and The Kiss. Good call Michael. And if you’re lucky you’ll meet his adorable baby boy and charming wife. Yes, this a franchise but it feels like a real family business. And PS he is really fast!

Ron "Dr. Ron" K. ( Studio City, CA )


Came in to get my limited edition lithograph framed here today. Never been here before (first time getting something framed) but I saw they had a lot of good reviews so I gave them a shot and they did not let me down. The store owner made me a customer frame and was very helpful. It only took 1 hour to do and was at a fair price. Definitely satisfied with my experience here and will return.

Brian W.( Northridge, CA )


I am a professional designer. I have a large, beautiful photograph of a flower I bought in Hawaii several years ago that I wanted to be framed using a very simple matt and frame, with only 1/4 inch of color matt under 3 inches of off-white to frame the image. The photograph is powerful and I wanted nothing to distract from it.
I am very grateful that I wasn’t able to use their services because it led me to Michael at Frames Galore. Michael quickly understood I knew what I was doing and what I wanted. After a few minutes it seemed like he was reading my mind because he started bringing me matt and frame choices that were relevant to my vision of how it should be framed. I asked him if the frame I had chosen would support glass, he looked a bit confused and responded “of course, why wouldn’t it.” When I explained that Aaron Bros. sold frames that would crack under the weight of glass he wasn’t surprised.
I’m a happy customer who will now be a regular customer.

Kevin M. ( Studio City, CA )


Everything happens for a reason… I drove by “Frames Galore” on my way home and out of the corner of my eye, I saw these beautiful mirrors displayed against the store wall. I was greeted immediately by a kind gentleman named Michael who is the owner. He showed me his mirrors and I feel in love with 1 particular Mirror with a gorgeous frame. In the end, I am very happy with my entire experience with “Frames Galore” and I will always order my frames from them in the future 🙂 Hugs, Vaja

Vaja M. Los Angeles, CA


I’m always nervous about handing off artwork to a stranger for a couple of weeks when I’m dealing with a framer for the first time. I have to say, Michael was awesome! He gave us great suggestions and direction and we left feeling confident that we had left our artwork with a pro.
In the end our original Japanese woodblock was framed exactly as we had specified and actually exceeded our expectations. A truly professional job. We will definitely be returning (they even have a rewards program)!
I’m not the most prolific reviewer here on Yelp but when I discover truly professional craftspeople like Michael at Frames Galore I’m happy to pass on my gratitude with a review such as this.



Professional. Beautiful work. I cannot recommend this business enough. I like to try local places in general, and I was so pleased with the work. He helped me pick out an appropriate frame in my budget. It was done on time (which was quickly) and I’m really so happy with the final product!

Susanna L. Fresno, CA


My company gave me the task of finding a professional printer to get some pictures printed & stretched on canvas to put up around our office. After calling & visiting several places, I finally decided on ‘Frames Galore’ to handle the project. Michael, who assisted me, was extremely helpful along every step of the process. On top of his professionalism, he was very accommodating in ensuring that my company gets the images printed exactly how we wanted them. Once the prints were completed, I was very happy of our decision to choose Michael at ‘Frames Galore’ and we definitely will be returning for future prints.
Thanks Michael!

Mateo O. Granada Hills, CA

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